Norine Twaddell CDBC, CPDT is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and
Clinical Member of The Association of International Behavior Consultants.

She is certified by The Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers.
The only true certification process for dog trainers.

Norine has spent thousands of hours in hands-on workshops, courses and lectures studying progressive
as well as traditional issues of canine and wolf ethology, canine rehabilitation and medical nutrition.

Her initial entry into dog training included completing a dog training apprenticeship program at the NY ASPCA in 1996 .
She was a former AKC CGC evaluator, and a licensed DELTA Society Pet Therapy Animal and Team Evaluator.
She was the founder and co-operator of DOG WALKERS Plus In Manhattan.

With an Associates Degree of Chemistry from CUNY,
She will always continue to study medical nutrition, learning and behavior.

Contact Norine:  
(973) 270-6655