Dog Fancy Magazine’s German Shepherd Puppies (Vol 7). pp 22-28
Readers will recognize Norine as the Dog Training Consultant
in Janet M. Pepsin’s article
“Dog Meets World”

What Judy Lowe & Hope of Wayne, NJ say:
“Norine … You have an insight to dog’s souls and they know it.
In my own case, Hope, a shelter hound dog was afraid of everything new.
You showed me how to be patient and understand how she saw things.
Today I’m in SC and she is running the beach … with a big smile on her face and one on mine as well.
I plan to keep in touch and attend another class when I get back.”

What Mark Sommer, DC, DAAPM, CAC
of Little Critters Chiropractic Services in Lincoln Park says:
” Norine, I enthusiastically recommend your services to the human companions of animals.
They would benefit from your outstanding ability to understand animal behavior
and to communicate on such a deep level with them and their people.
I know you have helped many of my patients in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.”

What Ed Blakeslee of Oradell NJ says about Norine’s classes and WalkAbouts:
“There is structure but with flexibility to address individual situations.
I think of  Step 1 as a Montessori program for dogs.  We plan to go to Step 2 when we are ready.”
 “The monthly WalkAbouts are a great way for the dogs to socialize and for their guardians to get some understanding of it.