Walking calmly with a loose leash is the final frontier for many pet parents.
This Training Walk is for pet parents and dogs who have trouble with voluntary attention, fear, reactivity, pulling on leash…
We spend time discussing your dog behavior issues while walking between exercises. Training Walks are monthly. See Schedule. Spots must be reserved in advance, there is a $25 fee.

ADVANCED TRAINING WALKS: The Advanced Training Walk is for pet parents who have been on training walks and/or are familiar with my methodology.
We work on a long line. We work on many behaviors like voluntary attention, excellent recalls, heeling and reading your dog.
These behaviors not only make leashed walks enjoyable but are necessary to go off leash with control.
You must contact me to reserve a space. Advanced Training Walks are $100 for 4 Training Walks.
Training Walks are once a month and appear in the Schedule.

ALL BREED WALKABOUTS: Theses are leashed All Breed Exercise & Socialization Walks for Dogs and Their People If your dog is mildly Reactive, that is fine. I encourage you to do these walks to help to work through this problem.
It will be helpful to you both o
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If your dog is over reactive meaning her goes “out of body “a Group Training Walk or a Private Training Walk will be more suitable in preparation for joining WalkAbouts.
WalkAbouts are FREE. They are scheduled around holidays and appear in Schedule.


To Sign Up Please Email or Call
norine@dogventures.com or (973) 270-6655