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Promeris Duo – Manufacturer Fort Dodge
Active ingredients are insecticides – applied directly to the skin.
Promeris disperses quickly at the skin’s surface, and is absorbed down to the fatty layer of the skin of the skin rendering it harmless to humans.
Parasites die when they bite into the dog’s skin.
Kills fleas, ticks and some mites. It is effective against flea allergy dermatitis and both sarcoptic and demodectic mange
The active ingredients are Amitraz & Metaflumizone. Metaflumizone is new to the animal industry. Amitraz is the chemical used in mite dips while well established is documented to be toxic when misused.
Promeis Duo is only available through veterinary practices.
Fort Dodge a division of Wyeth, is the former manufacturers of Proheart in the US.

Frontline plus – Manufactured by Merial
Active ingredient is an insecticides applied directly to the dog’s skin.
The solution collects in the oils of the skin and in the hair follicles.
Through the process of translocation, it is spread over the body in about 24 hours. Parasites die when they bite into the dog’s skin.
The active ingredient Fipronil kills ticks, fleas, chewing lice, flea larvae.

K9Advantix – Manufactured by Bayer Corp.
Active ingredients are an insecticides and a repellent applied directly to the dog’s skin.
Topical application. The solution is absorbed in the top layer of the skin pests are killed on contact.
The active ingredients Imidacloprid & Permethrin kill and repel ticks, fleas and mosquitos.

Preventic dog collar – Manufactured by VIRBAC Animal Health.
Active ingredient is Amitraz an insecticide that acts by paralyzing a tick’s mouth parts.
Caution must be taken that the collar is not chewed on by a dog or child as toxicity is a danger

Bio Spot – Manufactured by: Farnam Companies, Inc.
Active ingredients are insecticides and a repellent.
Applied topically the solution works with the oils present in the pet’s skin and coat. It doesn’t matter if the pet has oily skin or not, there are still oils there. As the pet moves, the oil and hair move as well. This helps to move the product along the body of the animal.
Bio Spot kills and repels Fleas Tick Mosquitoes and flea larvae

According to Bob Rogers DVM in his 2005 presentation “New Vaccination Protocols”: Frontline and Advantik will not kill a tick quickly enough to prevent disease transmission but the amitraz collar does prevent transmission diseases like Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease.

Always follow label directions. Never use products on species not specified on the label. Always check with you health care professional for contraindications with medication.